Ananda Yoga

Ananda Yoga : A Yoga of Pure spiritual Fragrance.

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I. Ananda Yoga – a brief Introduction:

A yoga-style founded by Swami Kriyananda; Ananda Yoga brings back yoga’s pure spiritual fragrance.

Ananda Yoga highlights the harmony between the mind, body, and spirit.

Ananda Yoga stresses inner awareness such as energy control and the experience of each pose as a natural expression of a unique state of consciousness that is improved by utilising affirmations.

We can also say, Ananda yoga is the understanding of psychological and spiritual benefits that are achievable by linking asanas and affirmations.

II. Ananda Yoga – Foundations and History:

By utilizing the oldest Hatha Yoga systems in the West, Ananda Yoga was founded by Swami Kriyananda.

During Kriyananda’s Self-Realization Fellowship in 1940s/1950s, he learned these postures from Yogananda.

Yogananda is the founder of YSS and SRF. He told Kriyananda and other monks, to illustrate the postures to the visiting guests, as well as for public events.

From the year 1965, Kriyananda through his organization started to teach Ananda Yoga in California publicly.

Gyandev Rich McCord is the director of Ananda Yoga and also a co-founder of Yoga Alliance and a member of its Board of Directors.

Ananda Yoga
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III. Ananda Yoga- Features and characteristics:

Ananda Yoga uses asana and pranayama to awake, feel, and dominate the subtle energies (Prana) within oneself, particularly the energies of the chakras.

Its main aim is to use those energies to blend the body, uplift the mind, and accommodate oneself with higher levels of awareness.

One novel feature of this system is the practice of silent affirmations while in the asanas, as a way of working more consciously with the specific energies to accomplish this attunement.

Ananda Yoga is comparatively an inward experience, not an athletic workout.

The chief goal is to prepare for an extended meditation.

Ananda Yoga also involves Paramahansa Yogananda’s SRF Energization Exercises, which guide cosmic life force (Prana) through the medulla oblongata to all portions of the human body.

Some of the main features of Ananda yoga include:

• Safety and right alignment during practice.
• Being eased at all times, even in the middle of effort.
• Doing the yoga asanas to raise your mindfulness.
• Adaptation – altering each yoga posture to fit the requirements and capabilities of the practitioner rather than trying to push the practitioner into some ‘ideal yoga posture.’

IV. Ananda Yoga – How Ananda yoga class function?

For beginning students, Yoga postures practiced in Ananda Yoga is gentle. However, with time and experience, it becomes more demanding.

It is an inwardly aimed practice which is never vigorous or aerobic.

This  includes Asana (yoga poses), Pranayama (breathing and energy-control methods), Yogic meditation methods, and Applied yoga philosophy.

V. Ananda Yoga – Benefits:

1. Enhance bone health:

Ananda yoga is particularly suitable for enhancing your bone health.

It helps in promoting health and mass of bones.

It increases circulation in bones, ligaments, and joints.

It helps in suppressing stress hormones which cause the low density of bones.

It helps in shaping and reinforcing bones while decreasing their vulnerability to wear and tear.

2. Eases the mind:

Yoga relieves the mind and body.

It helps a person remain cheerful, active, healthy, and calm.

It is an excellent way to reduce stress, stay strong, and solve your life’s issues.

3. Promotes Muscle Health:

Ananda serves to reinforce and develop many muscles of the body. It subdues many effects of ageing.

It also helps in enhancing circulation in most muscles which results in the enhancement of general health and functions of the body.

It also assists in the reduction of stress hormones that cause tension, distress and even dysfunctions in the human body.

4. Alleviates pain:

It involves deep breathing exercises along with slow movement which will help in raising the circulation of oxygen throughout the body.

It helps in diminishing chronic pain in individuals.

5. Supports Digestion:

Yoga poses involved here helps in massaging internal organs.

It leads to an accelerated waste removal from the human body.

It also enhances the absorption of nutrients from the body.

6. Helps to control weight:

With better digestion and higher utilisation of food nutrients, the person has a great appetite and can control weight efficiently.

It gives slow fat loss without a strict diet.

7. Improves Mental Stability:

Yoga helps a person to have a stable mind.

It illustrates how to lessen stress and observe calmness even in demanding situations.

It helps you to manipulate your mind and achieve utmost a level of happiness from oneself.

VI. Ananda Yoga – Final words:

Therefore, Ananda yoga is a great wellness program that helps to blend energies of spiritual and realistic worlds.

By practising it, you can strengthen your mind and soul.

Before getting to a yoga center, buy yourself some yoga supplies like a yoga mat, yoga pants, yoga bolster, and yoga clothes or yoga wear from anywhere like a yoga shop.

Do you know Yoga can help seniors in their day to day life?

These items will ensure that your yoga session goes comfortable and soothing.

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