Top Rated Health And Fitness Apps For iPhone

Fitness Apps For iPhone

Health and fitness is on top of priority list for many in today’s busy lifestyle. From working out in the gym to using fitness apps for tracking one’s health, people do all sorts of things today to make sure that their health and fitness stay on the right track. If you are also interested in tracking your fitness with the help of some of the best fitness apps, here we have listed a few Fitness Apps For iPhone for you. Let’s take a look.

  1. Nike+ Training ClubFitness Apps for iPhone

The official Nike app comes with a library featuring 30-45 minutes workouts which can be tried out according to your fitness level and health goals that you want to achieve. The important part is that, Nike + Training club explains exactly how you can execute all these exercises. You can learn that through how-to videos that come as part of the app. Besides, you can also use the sharing features for spreading the word out to social networks as you accomplish a landmark.

  1. Carrot Fit
    Fitness Apps for iPhone

The next on the list is Carrot Fit. It’s an AI app which threatens, ridicules, inspires and even bribes you for putting you on the track to fitness. The app offers a “7 minutes in hell” workout. It requires you to perform twelve punishing exercises for 30 seconds. If you do not do that then Carrot will berate you.

  1. FitocracyFitness Apps for iPhone

It’s a personal trainer for that competitive bunch of people. With this personal trainer you can track all your workouts. Besides, it gives you some encouragement as well for working towards your real-life goals with the help of in-game achievements and leveling system. It is possible for you to share any achievements with friends as well as Fitocracy community.

  1. Cyclemeter
    Fitness Apps for iPhone

If you are planning to lose some weight while riding a bike then Cyclemeter is a great app for you to try out. It’s quite accurate and collects some meaningful data to present you as well. The app is capable of tracking different running and walking metrics for you. If you prefer cycling in your fitness routine then make sure you have Cyclemeter on your iPhone.

  1. Pocket Yoga
    Fitness Apps for iPhone

Pocket Yoga is your perfect Yoga trainer as it gives you above 200 illustrations of Yoga poses in which you get detailed audio instructions. It’s a guide that runs you down through different Yoga exercises and poses. In addition, the app allows you to preview different practices and play the music that you like. Your progress will also be logged by the app.

  1. Fitstar Personal Trainer

It’s your personal trainer that sets up your custom workouts depending on the level of fitness you enjoy. The app keeps learning as you continue to use it. All you have to do is to select workouts and tell your personal trainer how you liked those suggested workouts. Your feedback is used for creating your workout routine that fits perfectly to your level of fitness. The app also keeps track of overall fitness working in tandem with Health app, MyFitnessPall, Strava and Fitbit.

  1. Weight Watchers

The official app helps you to work your way towards healthier lifestyle. You can use the app for tracking your progress with weight loss and share it with the friends as well. Talking about Weight Watchers program, it’s about tracking of the points. With weight watchers app, you can also track your daily food intake and everything that is eaten by you has a certain value associated to it. There is Apple Watch Compatibility offered as well.

  1. Runtastic

Daily 30 minutes workouts are usually recommended by the doctors. If you take this recommendation into account, Runtastic is a perfect app to have on your iPhone. It allows you to listen to podcasts and audio books as you exercise as well. It’s also optimized for use with Apple Watch as well.

  1. Pumping Weight

Lifting weights can be quite intimidating sometimes. The Pumping Weight app gives you a great interface with clear instructions on targeting particular muscle groups through mélange of daily workouts. This app ensures that you continue to vary the workout routine. Besides, it keeps track of your body fat, weight, and BMI as well.

So, use these apps for putting yourself on the right track to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Besides, if you are interested in socializing with some renowned figures in health and fitness niche, you may want to check out

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