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When Corpulence Weighs You Down, Try These 10 Ideas To Lose Weight Faster!

Losing weight has become a multi-million dollar industry worldwide that fleeces people off their money but not their fat. People like you who are desperate to lose weight are looking for a working solution and not a load of baloney that makes them feel better about themselves but does absolutely no groundwork.

The motivation to lose weight starts to fade as your life (no pun intended) becomes a drag and pulls down your enthusiasm as you try to make through the days with the same bloated body that you have known for months. In some cases for years.

After you have read all those weight loss books and nothing has worked you need to take a backseat relax and reflect on why that quick weight loss program didn’t work for the better?

Here, we share with you ten effective weight loss tips that will not only burn out all that fat but also keep you maintained at the healthy level.

However, let us also make it clear that it requires intense discipline and dedication for which there is no substitute available, no matter how much money you are going to shell out

  1. Cardio on Treadmill: This is one of the most common weight loss methods available out there, so might think that this is an option isn’t a big deal. The problem many people have with cardio is that it is painful and it truly puts your fat infested large body through a strenuous and taxing regime of physical activity. Cardio is not a miracle exercise and requires consistency and focus.

    Cardio on Treadmill

    Also, one cannot just continue with the same level of speed for several days since the exercise requires you to upgrade your running speeds. All that being said, cardio cannot work alone as it has to be coupled with a good diet.

  2. Rope Skipping: This is one of the most effective but also a difficult exercise to lose weight. If your body type is skinny fat, this exercise will work wonders for you. However, if you are outright Jabba the Hut, you will have to do some other preliminary exercise to lose your weight, so that your body is ready to do the jumps on the rope.

    This is an effective way to weight loss fast. Within a week, you will see a significant change in your body shape and weight.

  3. Reduce High Carb Foods: Foods with simple carbohydrates such as burgers, chips, junk food, sugary foods and soft drinks consist of a lot of simple carbs that destroy your health. Simple carbs spike up your energy for a limited time and deposit in your body as fat.

    Avoid any of the foods mentioned above if you want to lose weight fast. It is going to be difficult initially if you are habitual, but the only solution here is to substitute it with healthy foods.

    You can also add complex carbs to your food for a feeling filled for longer hours.

  4. Reduce Fatty Foods: Some of the foods mentioned above also contain a high amount of fat. Foods such as cheese, red meat, chips, potato and its products, junk foods, oily foods cause fat deposition in your belly, arms, thighs, and sides.

    Fatty foods are the primary reason for belly fat. If you are specifically looking for how to lose belly fat, then you need to cut down on your fatty food intake strictly.

    Your body though would still need good fats, and this is where you can substitute it with good fats such as almonds and other nuts. Also, check the labels of a food product before buying it. If it has a high content of saturated fats, DO NOT BUY.

  5. Inculcate Protein Rich Diet: Proteins are what will keep you from gorging up unhealthy foods from time to time and save you from going back to your old ways.

    Protein-rich foods such as sprouts pancakes, spinach pancakes, white fish (fried with cooking spray), egg whites, protein supplements in low-fat milk, banana shakes and chicken breasts will help you to stay filled for longer hours.

    Mix them with complex carb foods such as apples, pears, and calciferous vegetables, and you have a balanced diet. Always remember that when you add mulch products to your diet, they should be low fat and that you are not adding too much salt to taste.

  6. Yoga for Weight Loss: Yoga is one of the oldest physical techniques in the world alongside Taichi that helps you to lose weight. There are ten Asanas in Yoga that are specifically meant for weight loss. The Frog, Locust, Grinding, Wind Releasing, Twisted, Triangle, Eagle, Peacock and the Sun Salutation poses are some of them that would help you in fat burning, especially spot reduction.
    Yoga for Weight Loss
    However, you need a lot of patience and discipline for Yoga to work.
  7. Tai’ Chi: The Chinese equivalent of Yoga does not involve any poses for postures, but inculcates careful and slow body movements that will help you sweat it out.

    Strange, isn’t it? It’s not fast, but slow movements that will help you sweat out your body fat.

  8. Green Leafy Vegetables and Citrus Fruits: This could have been mentioned in the above points, but actually deserves a separate section of its own. These foods are a must in your quick weight loss program. You can start with having spinach or orange juice every morning after your walk or exercising session. Also, add salads to your food without any unhealthy dressings such as mayo or sauces, though you can add honey or low-fat yogurt if you want to.
  9. Cycling for Burning Side Fats: If you are planning to lose weight in 30 days, cycling can be a great option when you want to make it fast. For those of you who are overweight, any form of exercise will be no less than a punishment, but once you lose that massive chunk of weight, cycling is going to be fun. You can take cycling treks or weekend outings with your friends. Cycling gives you more joy than health.

Bonus: Always drink a lot of water. If you don’t drink enough water, it causes the body to retain water inside, thus causing you to bloat. Using laxatives for weight loss may seem lucrative but is a poor choice. Water is the natural laxative and can be helpful for an effective digestion and out the waste from your body.

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