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Insomnia is a big problem for many people. Medicating is always not the best option, although there are people who have no choice. To help you if you suffer from insomnia today we bring you a natural alternative. A home remedy is to fill your home with plants as they will have a very positive effect on your health and well-being.

Plants have some incredible healing properties, can reduce anxiety and purify the air of your home, a perfect combination that will help you sleep better.

A high percentage of people suffer insomnia, a disorder that affects both the quality and hours we sleep. Today we will talk about home remedies and medicinal herbs to try to help reduce insomnia.

The popular remedy hundreds of years ago, it was and still is a medicinal herb tea, and some herbs change according to geography but usually combine plants that seek to combat insomnia.

To make the most of the healing power of plants, you have to be informed about what kind of plants can help you reduce insomnia. Here we share a list of 9 plants that can help you sleep better. Even you can plant in your garden or in a home by pot or grow bags easily. If you need more about How to do that, then you may have look at best chainsaws review blogs.


Today we will talk about sleeping power of plants











Valerian is definitely one of the most recognized medicinal herbs for its sedative effects on the body. It serves to treat insomnia, anxiety and to help relax people suffering from chronic pain.


This plant has anxiolytic, sedative, antispasmodic and somnoidal properties, so it is excellent for anxiety and does not generate dependence.

Stress prevents us from falling asleep, or causes us insomnia, so we end up having bad nights of sleep. This plant is excellent for treating this type of disorders, since it has a relaxing effect on the brain, so we can rest peacefully throughout the night.


Tarragon can help us relax the body and nerves. It can help us sleep better.



It is soothing and sedative of the nervous system, thanks to its essential oils. Therefore it is recommended to treat insomnia.


The marjoram has sedative properties, so its use is recommended in cases of insomnia or sleep problems.

In addition, it is highly recommended for people suffering from anxiety and nervousness, being highly recommended in these cases to take marjoram infusion.


The complete composition of the mint makes it a plant with relevant health properties for our body, especially for the respiratory and digestive systems.


Melissa helps fight nerve problems, so it is used to treat stress, anxiety, nervousness, etc.

Its infusion is one of the best to calm anxiety, since it produces a relaxing effect on the body.

It can also help with insomnia and sleep problems, because it relaxes the nerves and releases the hormones needed to relax.



Saffron has aromatic compounds with sedative action, which facilitates relaxation and helps us to fall asleep.

Tila Tea.

The lime has a natural calming effect when consumed in the form of tea.

Unlike coffee, a cup of lime tea, three times a day, can help calm the nerves and relax.

Tips to help sleep.

  • It is important to have a routine to sleep, do not go to bed too late.
  • Prepare the room and bed for sleep.
  • Do not eat too much before sleeping.
  • Do sport
  • Move the mobile away from the bed.
  • Relax before you sleep.
  • Make sure you consume magnesium in the proper dose (see your doctor).
  • You can use medicinal herbs to relax.

Remember to consult with your doctor before starting any natural treatment.

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Relieve Your Sore Feet in 13 minutes

Who doesn’t want to enjoy parties in their slippers? The sole-crushing footwear that you choose to wear instead is wreaking havoc on 100-plus muscles. It doesn’t even spear the ligaments and tendons. If you do not take care of it in due time, there could be some serious consequences. You can either try a heel massager. But if you want some quicker results you can try these next steps. And trust us that it will relieve your sore feet in 13 minutes:

Move-1: Straight-Leg Stretch

Sit on the floor while you face a wall. Keep the legs straight, and the feet flat against the wall. You can even take a sit on a pillow and make a move more comfortable for you. Now try to bend forward as far as you are able to stretch. Then you have to lengthen the calf muscles and hamstrings. If you wear heels, it may cause them to lighten.

Move-2: Toe Release:

Just stand like you have taken a step forward with the right leg. Now your left leg is behind you. You have to then tuck the left foot under. This has to be done so that the tops of the toes touch the floor. You will be able to feel a slight stretch along the top of the foot. Hold for some time and then switch onto the next foot.

Move-3: Five-Finger Toe Spread

Sit on a chair then cross the left leg. Do it in a way that you are resting the ankle on the right thigh. Weave the fingers from the right hand through the toes of the left foot and separate them. Try to put your focus on spreading the toes as wide as you can. You should try not to pull them up or even down. Just hold on for some time. Then you must switch the sides.

Move-4: Wall V-Stretch

Lie on your back in a way that your bottom is a few inches from the wall. And also your arms have to be out. Now you may place your heels on a wall. And have your legs form a wide V. Stretch to form this V only at a position of comfort. Keeping that in mind, you will be able to feel a gentle pull in your inner thighs. Overly tight inner-thigh muscles may just overload the arches of the feet. So this stretch will help you relax them when they seem cramped. On the plus side, if you elevate the legs, it will help to reduce the swelling.

Each and every one of these exercises is rather simple to do. Yet they can be equally effective if you can follow them properly. At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. Only you can decide what is best for your feet.

We recognize the importance of time in following such procedures. And that is a major reason why these exercises are designed in a way that takes little time to follow.

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Home remedies for Tinea Versicolor is not only a simple but also an effective way to bring your perfect skin back. This kind of skin infection appear almost every area all over the world. However, in the tropical region with hot and humid weather condition, the proportion of people with Tinea Versicolor symptoms is more popular, in compared with other areas. Even though this is not a dangerous disease, it has a huge effect on one’s appearance and beauty. Luckily, Tinea Versicolor is not difficult to defeat. Pick up some  home remedies and then you will not have any worry with the Tinea Versicolor obsess.

What is Tinea Versicolor?

Tinea Versicolor is known as skin disease, specifically, a fungal infection on one’s skin. There is yeast, a type of fungus, always living on everyone’s skin. As they grow or develop out of control, a subject or a person may get tinea versicolor.

What are the tinea versicolor causes?

Yeast normally lives on our skin. If the yeast grows, it causes tinea versicolor. It is believed that the following can cause the yeast to overgrow:

  1. Hot and humid weather.
  2. Over sweating.
  3. Oily skin.
  4. Your body weak immune system.
  5. Malnutrition
  6. Genes in a family

3 best home remedies for Tinea Versicolor

  1. Galangal: home treatment for Tinea Versicolor

Galangal is not only used as good spices in food, but also has been regarded as one of the best treatment for many diseases. Galangal contains anti-inflammatory substance. So, it should be very beneficial in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism… In addition, galangal contains antioxidants to help reduce the damage caused by free radicals and other toxins in the body. It helps prevent skin from some diseases such as scabies, ulcers, inflammation and especially Tinea Versicolor. Plus, it’s super simple to use and safe for skin

There are 2 ways to treat Tinea Versicolor by galangal:

Option 1:

– Prepare a fresh galangal. Wash. Then slice it into small pieces, mash them thoroughly.

– Clean the area of ​​infectious skin. Then lightly apply mashed galangal on skin by a cotton pad

Option 2:


– 1 pieces of the galangal.

– 1 pieces of ginger.

– 3 tablespoons lemon juice.

How to do:

– Galangal with ginger, wash and mash. Put all in the pot with lemon juice, heat up to 50 degrees C, cool it down for 15 minutes

– Rinse the affected skin area with warm water. Use a medical cotton pad and dip it into the pot of lemon juice, galangal and ginger, place the pad on the skin.

There are 2 ways above to cure Tinea Versicolor. Repeat 2 times a day and regularly apply it for 1 week, you can see your skin getting better.

  1. Green Banana to defeat Tinea Versicolor

Green banana is a source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and starches, a super nutritious fruit. It helps control blood pressure, cholesterol levels. Besides, green banana is also used to treat stomach pain.

The way to cure Tinea Versicolor at home with green banana is very simple. First, clean the affected area. Then remove the green banana skin, cut and rub it on your affected skin. Green banana will heal the wound on the surface of the skin, limit the spread of discolored patches.

Follow this instruction 2 to 3 times a day. The magical effect will be seen after 1 week.

  1. Polygonum or Vietnamese Cilantro

Polygonum (Vietnamese Cilantro) has long been known as a familiar spice in everyday life. According to traditional Oriental medicine, spicy vegetables have healthy aroma and antivirus characteristics. It’s non-toxic and highly antiseptic. Therefore, this kind of vegetables are used to treat diseases as well.

Taking similar method to green banana, clean and dry your skin, then apply and rub crushed vegetables on your affected skin. Or you can mix with crushed garlic which is soaked in the wine before to enhance the effect of this method.

  1. Fresh Ginger

Using fresh ginger help to blow away the infectious skin effectively. Ginger is full of caprylic acid which is necessary to defeat fungal infections. Here are 3 common ways of to erase Tinea Versicolor by fresh ginger that you should not ignore.

  1. Sliced ginger

Slice a small piece of ginger, rinse them with salt water, apply directly to infectious skin. Ginger with antiseptic characteristics will remove the fungus.

  1. Ginger and Alcohol

You can use pure ginger, then soak in pure white wine for a few days. Ginger and Alcohol can be a perfect couple with the deepest warmth themselves which can erase and kill the fungus on your skin. 2 times per day, continuously in 7-10 consecutive days then see all blotchy lesions slowly disappearing. Your normal beautiful skin will soon come back and your confidence will never afraid of Tinea Versicolor again.

Tinea Versicolor is a disease that can be affected by genes or spread by your daily lifestyle. Therefore, keep your personal things clean. Personal items must be cleaned, sun-dried and ironed before using, especially never wear wet clothes. After bathing, it is necessary to thoroughly dry your body and your clothes.

With the combination of those home remedies above along with some preventive measures, Tinea Versicolor is no longer a big concern anymore!


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