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Hatha Yoga – A brief Introduction

Hatha yoga is a part of yoga that highlights physical exercises to rule the body and mind as well as actions to depart it from external things. Its easy approachability and focus on health and wellness have enabled it to be an essential factor in hindering the many adverse effects of a quickly changing today’s world.

Hatha YogaThe ‘ha’ in Hatha means the Sun. The ‘tha’ in Hatha means the Moon. So, it means to balance energies of both the Sun and Moon in oneself. Or in other words, we can say Hatha Yoga is the science of blending the solar energy or Pingala and the lunar energy or Ida within ourselves to nudge our higher consciousness to life. The Vinyasa yoga, Bikram yoga, Ashtanga yoga, even Aerial yoga all originate from Hatha yoga.

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I. Ananda Yoga – a brief Introduction:

A yoga-style founded by Swami Kriyananda; Ananda Yoga brings back yoga’s pure spiritual fragrance.

Ananda Yoga highlights the harmony between the mind, body, and spirit.

Ananda Yoga stresses inner awareness such as energy control and the experience of each pose as a natural expression of a unique state of consciousness that is improved by utilising affirmations.

We can also say, Ananda yoga is the understanding of psychological and spiritual benefits that are achievable by linking asanas and affirmations.

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10 Health Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Yoga for Life Enhancement

Yoga enhances the life quality for people.

While it minimises the stress, anxiety and depression; increases the work and sport performance without the risk of heart condition, obesity, diabetes and cancer.

The conditions for elder people are the same.

When people get older, it is getting easier to catch chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, arthritis.

However, yoga can help decreasing the ageing problems or slow down the effects of ageing problems.

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