Yoga for Elders

10 Health Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

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10 Health Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Yoga for Life Enhancement

Yoga enhances the life quality for people.

While it minimises the stress, anxiety and depression; increases the work and sport performance without the risk of heart condition, obesity, diabetes and cancer.

The conditions for elder people are the same.

When people get older, it is getting easier to catch chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, arthritis.

However, yoga can help decreasing the ageing problems or slow down the effects of ageing problems.

It helps to restore softness and flexibility of muscles, make the mind more conscious and awake.

Yoga for Elders
Yoga for Elders

There are a lot of mental and physical benefits of yoga for seniors as stated before.

Inside this article 9 benefits of yoga for seniors which are about respiration, flexibility, muscle strength, body balance, mindfulness, arthritis and other conditions caused by joint inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and blood pressure.

Yoga for Breath

Yoga provides high quality respiration.

Mine stone of the life is oxygen. People can live without water or food for days.

But, without oxygen, in other words, without breathing, no one can live more than a few minutes.

By the age increases, the respiratory limitations and less tolerance to physical effort appear.

That situation, effects negatively people as mental and physically.

According to Berra at all, for an elderly women, 12 weeks training of yoga is enough to increase the respiration quality.

Therefore, respiration system should be active and well cared at any age and yoga can provide that.

Yoga for Flexibility

Yoga improves flexibility. In any age, to gain flexibility, there must be training.

In order to maintain daily works such as to tie the shoes or lift the arms for any reason, a hard work on flexibility must be applied.

Flexibility can be improved by yoga through the stretching and listening to your body.

Stretching covers the huge part of yoga asana.

In that case, you can know the difference between discomfort and pain.

With patience, stretching provides to touch toes weeks after.

Yoga for Muscle Strength

Yoga exercises for seniors strengthen the muscles.

In order to strengthen the muscles, we don’t need to go a gym and lift weigh.

A strict yoga exercise helps to improve muscle and ease to make daily activities.

By the yoga practice, legs, hips, abdominal, pectorals, shoulders, spine and neck muscles are strengthened.

Yoga for body Balance

Benefits of Yoga for seniors improve body balance.

Studies claim that balance is the first thing that the older people loose.

Yoga moves such as tree pose, standing pulling bow etc. have affects that, decreasing falls, providing better stability.

Yoga for Mindfulness

Gentle Yoga for seniors creates mindfulness.

In order to be more mindful and to gain more at present moment, meditation and yoga go together.

Meditation and yoga create connection for older people and cause them to feel more powerful.

They provide a good sleep, to improve the quality of breathing and more.

Yoga for pain

Yoga for older adults decreases the pain which is caused by arthritis and other conditions which are related to joint inflammation.

Joint pain exacerbates the stress and this can be reduced by breathing practices.

Breathing practices can also improve a sense of well-being.

A program which is prepared by an instruction, who knows your pain areas, helps to strength joints and also makes them more flexible.

In addition to that, yoga reduces the high levels of uric acid to prevent to gout.

Yoga for a strong heart

Yoga for senior citizens helps to recover people who are suffering from cardiovascular disease.

People who have heart surgery can suffer the feelings of depression, stress and anxiety.

Yoga helps to deal with these senses.

Medical communities have accepted the communication between yoga and heart health.

For example, Dean Ornish program is focusing on reversing heart disease and yoga is a part of this program.

Ornish program includes four elements: stress management, moderate exercise, nutrition and group support.

Yoga classes are directly related with first two components.

Yoga for Diabetes

Yoga helps dealing with type 2 diabetes.

The reason of type 2 diabetes is the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin because of the lifestyle and stress factors.

Yoga for old people is great because it reduces the stress levels.

In addition to this, sometimes, yoga causes to improve the reduction of glucose and cholesterol levels.

Yoga regulates all the organs and metabolism.

Yoga for Blood Pressure

Yoga for elderly decreases the blood pressure.

Most of the seniors are suffering from hypertension which can induce amount of health complications.

Yoga helps to treat these health complications.

According to scientists, regular yoga practice decreases the number of diastolic blood pressure.

A practice, which is designed without too much pressure on cardiovascular system, is the key treatment for the people who are suffering from high pressure.

Meditation and pranayamas are also very beneficial for those people.

Yoga must be a lifestyle for people whether they are young or old age.

It has many benefits as mentally or physically such as reducing stress, depression or decreasing blood pressure and heart conditions.

Yoga for older people regulates the senior life and provides them more qualified life time.

All they have to do is to enjoy their life without stress or pain which is caused by any other diseases.

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